Silvia Mather

Bellyfit with Silvia

Monday 9.30 -10.30am

Tuesday 6.15 - 7.15pm

A holistic fitness class for women which incorporates yoga, fitness, meditation and dance to offer you a truly unique and powerful experience.

Introduction to Bellyfit Workshop lasts for 90 Minutes with an extended meditation(usual bellyfit class is 60 minutes)

Bellyfit is for all fitness levels and abilities. Because the ethos of the class is to empower women to love and care for their bodies through movement, there are no expectations to have dance skills, and Bellyfit is so fun that you wont even notice what an amazing workout your body has had.

The pace varies throughout the class, and runs seamlessly through 7 main parts. Opening mediation and breath work, warmup, Cardio, Cool down, Isolation (where we focus on a specific movement) core and stretch and finishing Mudra and mediation.

Each class has a different focus and soundtrack, unique to Bellyfit classes. I teach a routine for 3 weeks before allowing you to try out something new, keeping it fresh and interesting , but at the same time building up your confidence in the regular bellyfit moves.

Cost per workshop is £7 or you can book two for £10

Please click below to book your spot. Or call Silvia on 07455529443 for more information.

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