History of the market

The idea for the Green Beans Community Market began way back in 2013 when the Station Master's Team (at that point a small team led by Duika Burges Watson with Norma Foster, David Summers and Sue Pethybridge) who wanted to find a way to financially support the Station Master's Garden. Initially 'Retro metro' was the idea, but then it shifted to Green Beans - a community market to promote and support innovative local businesses, gardening, up-cycling, food and art.

Design by Sarah Tempest
Design by Sarah Tempest

The name 'Green Beans' came from the garden and was also the nickname of one of our garden heroes - Paul 'Green Beans' Yarde.

People (and beans)

There have been so many volunteers. We want to thank them all because it wouldn't have happened without them! From the founding members: Jade Skeels, Lucy Eckford, Paula Donaldson, Duika Burges Watson, Jess Burns, Cait Foley, David Walsh, Sarah Tempest, Saralee Fisher, Andy Hall; to those who joined in to help as the market plans progressed: Sam Storey, Stella Hall, Kay Yu, Dave Turnbull, Sue Miller, Steve Taplin, Wendy Helps, Trisha Taplin. We also had lots of support from council - John O'Shea, Tom Wilson, John Fleet, Pete Warne; and from Nexus, - Andrew Lynch, Jenni Daglish. Thank you all!


We wanted to make sure the market was valued by and listened to the local community. We set up 'comment-trees' at pilot market events where people added their wishes and desires for what we'd have. People wanted food, up-cycling and creativity.

The market is a place where new ideas are formed through community conversation and through the participation of all the members of the Station Master's Centre: the Station Master's Community Wildlife Garden, Yoga Station, Altered Eating and Lamp Light Studios.


Our first market event was for the grand opening of the Yoga Station in September 2013 led by Duika, Helen and Jambo (pictured above amidst his team of teachers) , then the mid-summer festival in 2014.... and more... and then on 9th March 2016 we were granted planning permission to make the market a regular monthly event.

Our longest participating stall holders - still here today - include: Sea-glass jewellery, Friends of the Earth, Artisan Baking Community, Perennial Favourites, Local council and Iron Press books. Now there are 50 stalls and growing!