The Station Master's Centre

Sourcing for the senses to nourish body and soul


With the safety of our community a paramount concern, Station Master’s Garden is closed until at least Monday 20 April. We will continue to review the situation and hope to see you back in the garden very soon. Please stay safe.

The Station Master's Centre integrates many elements of what it is to live well - community, good food, fun, music, art, holistic health, creativity. It is based in the heritage listed metro station in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, UK.

The Station Masters Community Wildlife Garden begins the journey of sourcing for the senses. It is a space designed for inclusion. There are accessible raised beds for food demonstration and growing, children friendly beds and wild spaces for natural play, events areas and sites for biodiversity. It provides opportunities and openings for all ages to keep active and connected.

The Yoga Station is about yoga for everybody, but with a difference. We value the evidence of what works, and seek to include those who may need more support to enjoy the benefits of yoga. All our teachers meet professional quality criteria, and have personal qualities make others feel special and supported. The profits from The Yoga Station help support events in the garden.

The Green Beans Market is a volunteer led enterprise that supports up-cycling, thinking, doing - all with a creative focus. Profits from the market support the Station Master's Centre, Garden and other community led creative initiatives that benefit the health and well-being of the people of North Tyneside.

The Lamp Light Studio joins together a community focused sound and video recording space, with a 'food hub' where we run flavour masterclasses, community food events and help those who have 'altered eating' difficulties when food has lost its joy.

The Station Master's projects are supported by Nexus, the Tyne and Wear Transport Authority. And you can reach us by metro! We are at the Whitley Bay Metro Station.

Collectively, the Station Master's Centre are working locally to find creative solutions that nourish, give pleasure and tread lightly on the planet.