Covid 19

The Yoga Station is open. Please look at our timetable for the classes available. Next check individual teachers pages for their contact details. Each teacher will be doing a risk assessment for their class to ensure that you are safe. Please check with them for the details of how many students will be in their class. You will still need to bring your own equipment, check with your teacher what they would like you to bring. Our guidelines to the Yoga Station teachers are;-

The Yoga Station COVID 19 guidelines from Oct 2021

Teachers;- Will you pre book your class or allow ‘drop in’ classes?

Students;- are asked to bring your own equipment.

The teacher to risk access for the number of clients. YS will leave 2m mat spacing markers in place.

We expect the teacher of a class to have the contact details for the students in their class.

We request that students wear a mask until in the Yoga Station studio when they may be removed.

Students should keep all of their belongings with them in the Yoga Station studio.

Hand sanitiser will be provided and wipes for mats.

At the end of the class students will be asked to leave by the double doors in the Yoga Studio taking all of their belongings with them.

Please leave the double doors open for at least 5-10 minutes to allow the air to circulate through the studio.

The Yoga Station will ensure that the floor and surfaces are cleaned between each class.

You must not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID, temperature, cough altered sense of smell, if you have a +ve COVID test in the last 2 weeks, or live or work with someone who has tested COVID + in the last 2 weeks.