Sarah Jean

Solace Flow Sessions

Monday 8.00 - 9.00 pm

(Sarah completed her 800h Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching - inclusive of 200h, 500h, and an additional 100h - at Byron Yoga Centre in 2017. She is currently training as a counsellor and psychotherapist, studying a BSc degree in Counselling and Therapeutic Communication)

Hi, I’m Sarah. You may remember me from Lani Yoga classes held at The Yoga Station in 2017!

After taking a few years away from teaching I’m returning to the mat with a new offering - Solace Sessions.

Inspired by 10 years of personal practice and my own journey of reconnecting with yoga after trauma, I’ve made it my mission to bring sessions to life that make the benefits of yoga more understandable and applicable to everyday life. Sessions that honour traditional lineage, but are less esoteric and more relatable. The kind of yoga even your mate who doesn’t like yoga could go to.

My approach is relaxed, lighthearted, and focussed on how things feel on the inside, rather than how they look on the surface. Whether you can touch your toes or not, it really doesn’t matter - what matters is how you feel about yourself on the way there.

Solace Flow Sessions follow a hatha/vinyasa slow flow structure, which involves moving with the breath from one posture to the next at a moderate pace. I offer variations and full explanations of each pose throughout, so sessions are accessible for all levels from beginner to the experienced practitioner. Inspired by my psychotherapy studies, I integrate psychology into each session to offer relatable emotional wellbeing tips that are applicable to everyday life. Full guidance and variations of all poses are offered throughout, making the sessions accessible to all levels - from beginner to the experienced practitioner. Booking is essential as spaces are limited, to book:


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