Sarah Cowley

Vinyasa Yoga

Not currently available

Hi, I'm Sarah

I've been practising yoga for over 8 years and it has helped me through a lot in life, both physically and mentally. Stepping onto my mat brings me an instant sense of happy and well being. I feel stronger, calmer and more intune with myself. Starting my day with yoga helps me feel more energised and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

I began teaching in 2018 to help invoke those feelings on others and to share the magic of yoga!

My style is Vinyasa Flow, incorporating sun salutations and linking breath to the movement.

Each class includes pranayama (breathwork) Asanas (movement) and finishes up with a lovely Savasana (relaxation)

I like to gauge the energy from the room each week and offer options/progressions to make it challenging enough but most importantly accessible for all.

If you fancy starting your Wednesday morning practising Vinyasa Yoga with me, please contact me for further info and to book your space.

Please note due to COVID-19 all class participants will need to bring their own equipment.