Becky Mendoza

Breathe it Yin


Sunday 10th Sept 2023

9.30 - 11am

Submerge your senses in a morning of supported stretches, rejuvenating breathwork and deep relaxation. Yin yoga is suitable for everyone, providing you are happy to be moving around on the ground through very slow and extremely supported postures. Feel free to reach out prior if you have any concerns or injuries you'd like to put by me. We will be practising some breathing techniques to help us tap into our most centred selves. Yin yoga is a wonderful way to start your day, to relieve any lingering heaviness in the body. Come join us Sunday 10th to unwind, immerse your senses and revive your body and soul. All props are provided, so just book in with Becky at the following email, turn up and enjoy. Optional cacao to close the session. 90 mins, £14. 

Becky Mendoza is a local yoga teacher who has a deep love for the balance of Yin and Yang, has a huge appreciation for the movement of energy and thoroughly enjoys working with it. She is thrilled to offer this session and can't wait to welcome you to the mat. You can connect with her via email, Instagram or Facebook. 


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