Amy Wood-Mitchell

Postnatal Pilates with Amy

Sunday 10 -11am

Welcome to Willow Body, a North East based Pilates company, specialising in Pre-and Post Natal Pilates.

Our name is inspired by the willow tree, representing strength, stability, standing firm, whilst withstanding external challenges. We aim to reflect these values within our classes, helping you develop strength and increased-mobility through centring, control and flow.

What you can expect.

Pilates classes will focus on dealing with issues which may have arisen during pregnancy and labour, in particular, targeting the weakened (potentially separated) abdominal muscles and stretched pelvic floor. We’ll focus on your deep abdominals, stabilising spine to deal with back pain, shoulders and hips. Postural issues will be addressed and help improve balance and flexibility. You will feel lengthened, relaxed and energised after the class. Furthermore, it's a great way for mums to take some much-needed time out, from the busy life that comes with being a mum, in a supportive environment.

I will start each session with a check on Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) and then focus on rebuilding core strength, improving posture through a range of conditioning exercises and a section at the end concentrating on activation of the pelvic floor.

What I need from you is the all clear from your GP after the birth of your baby. Generally speaking, each body is different but guidelines are a return to exercise 6 to 8 weeks post vaginal birth, and 8 to 12 weeks after caesarean.

How will you benefit?

The focus is on assisting post-natal recovery as opposed to making you work so hard, that you’re too tired to do anything at the end of it! The resulting, calming effect on your mental state is invaluable, enabling you to de-stress and re-connect with your body. Classes will be full of other new mums, often looking for the chance to socialise, helping you meet and chat with like-minded people, experiencing similar situations.

No one ever regretted trying Pilates. I look forward to seeing you in class soon.

A little about me.

I have been practising Pilates for around 15 years. I initially used Pilates to help me recover from an extreme sport injury sustained whilst travelling in New Zealand. During a visit to chiropractors and physiotherapists, complaining of severe lower back pain due to a displaced pelvis, it was suggested that I try Pilates. I was then hooked and it became a weekly practice.

Following the difficult birth of my daughter (also Willow) in 2017, I used Pilates to help my body return to its former self, realigning postural and pelvic floor problems associated with pregnancy and child care. I grew to appreciate both the holistic and physical benefits of practicing Pilates. It was during this period, that I vowed to qualify as an instructor and help others.

I feel extremely lucky to have found Pilates early on. Over the years, I have increased overall strength, mobility and improved my posture and mental wellbeing. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise, so that you can realise these benefits too.

My spare time is spent at the beach with my family, travelling in our campervan, enjoying the great outdoors, walking the dog, running or paddle boarding. Contact me via;-