Stacey Young

Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesday 5-6pm

Mam and Baby Yoga

Tuesday 1-2 pm

Pregnancy Yoga 

Thursday 5-6pm

Hey  👋

My name is Stacey and I teach Vinyasa, Pregnancy and Mam & Baby Yoga.

Yoga has been shaping my life ever since it found me.  Like a lot of other people I got into yoga initially for the physical benefits but discovered SO much more.  

Yoga has become my faithful companion and guide through many stages of my life - it truly is a way of life that influences how I do everything.

It is my aim through my classes that you build connection to your body, your mind, and your bumps and babies depending on the class. 

I hope that my classes provide a safe space to explore your mind, bodies and get to know yourself a little better and that this knowledge helps to shape your life too.

My Vinyasa classes are fun, with some challenging elements, the flow is fast paced but with quiet moments of reflection built in.

My Pregnancy classes are slow, nourishing and mindful and focus on connection with other mams to be as well as your babies.  The aim is to empower and educate when it comes to your birth.

My Mam and Baby classes area mam focused but baby led.  Mam focused means the class is designed for you to stretch, nourish and connect with other mums and your baby, with space for a hot cuppa and a chat at the end.   Baby led means you are free to tend to babies as they require throughout the class. 

No matter which stage of your life you are currently at I hope that you can find something within one of my classes to suit your needs.

I hope to see you soon.  

Stacey 🙏

NamaStacey Yoga

Classes are £9 or £45 for a block of 6 and booking via Namastacey Yoga (Facebook) (insta) or you can call me directly on 07815723202