Lamp Light Studios

In the days of the railway, before the metro, lamp rooms were essential to rail operations. Separated from the 'main station' to reduce the risk of fire, the lamp rooms were used to fill the lamps with kerosene, the wicks were trimmed and any repairs needed were made. Lamps were needed for many functions, but the most common was as 'handlamps' which were carried by station staff to signal to other workers and to ensure they could see where they were going on dark nights! In recognition of our new buildings former use, we have called the multi-media studio the Lamp Light Studio.

The Lamp Light Studios are coming soon and will be managed by Callum Dyer (pictured above) and Keith Mills.

The Lamp Light Studios aren't going to be your usual recording/mastering studios...

The Lamp Light Studio is going to be focused on integrating with the local community and working with musicians based in the surrounding area.

We will have all the usual recording studio facilities, but we are going to have extra features in place to help those who are just getting into making and playing music.

Students and those of lower income will have concessions as we know that it's really hard to gather the money to hire a recording studio to record even a single song!

The Lamp Light studios are being developed to support Altered Eating and the production of a range of online media like videos, podcasts and music, as well as to provide an affordable solution for local people wishing to record music, make their own videos, podcasts and promote the local area and our local people. Altered Eating have already produced a range of videos - such as the wonderful 'chocolate mousse' instruction with our resident star cook Sam Storey, finalist in the 2018 BBC Food and Farming Awards for his work with people living long term with eating difficulties as a result of cancer and its treatment. You can also view a video about altered eating difficulties here.